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Selling FAQs

We Build Great Relationships.

We understand that what we do is about more than just the property. Buying or selling a farm can be the biggest financial, and often emotional, decision you will make in your life.

Every property and client is given the focus and expertise required for the best possible result.

Our Independent Team

Having come from farming or Rural backgrounds, our team are friendly, professional and experienced in agricultural properties and current market conditions.

As active members of the Real Estate Institute of WA, and the Rural Network Committee, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement, and training of our team on legal and real estate industry practices to ensure ongoing benefits for our current and future clients.

We are committed to giving our clients the best possible outcome. As well as having a specialised sales team, our three Directors have two Auctioneer licenses and a Valuer license between them.

More about our team HERE.
Marketing Appraisals

At VNW Independent, we focus on what we can do to optimise the value and exposure of your property, as well as estimating what it might be worth according to the current market.

We analyse the location, soil types and quality, improvements, water and rainfall, as well as growth statistics and most recent sales evidence to determine how best to market your property.

Strategic Marketing

Generating interest in the initial stages is vital to the marketing campaign of a property. VNW Independent aim for maximum impact when going to market to achieve a successful result and the best possible market price.

Selecting the appropriate sales method for your Rural property is important. Every property is different, and therefore the method of sale may vary depending on market conditions, economic factors, vendor motivation and the property itself. We take all this into consideration when developing a strategy that will ensure your property is sold at the best possible price.


At VNW Independent, we will advise you on the most effective resources to utilise to expose your property to potential buyers. We believe online marketing to be an efficient and cost effective tool.

Drone photography is also increasingly becoming an excellent marketing option.

Our database

VNW Independent has an extensive database of potential buyer and contacts who we have accumulated over 30+ years in the Rural Real Estate Industry.

This question has the potential to change every year. Seasonal conditions and commodity prices have such a significant impact on a property’s saleability. However, generally, the best time to market agricultural properties is still considered to be in the Springtime.

The Auction is most suited to unique properties where the price is difficult to set, or where there may be several prospective buyers interested. As well as allowing the market to determine the price, it can also create competition and a sense of urgency for prospective buyers to act. This method also necessitates Buyers to pre-arrange their financial position according to the Terms and Conditions determined by the Seller prior to Auction.

Private Treaty

The Private Treaty method markets the property for sale at a suggested price, and allows flexibility for Purchaser terms and conditions. An offer to purchase is drafted between the Agent acting on behalf of the Vendor and the prospective Purchasers, which is then presented to the Vendor for their consideration. Negotiations are carried out privately.

Tender or Expression of Interest

Intrinsically both methods are very similar, and have the same parameters as a normal Public Tender. Tender contracts are written with the Sellers advice, sale terms are stipulated, and the documents are given to potential purchasers to complete. If a Buyers needs more flexibility to undertake a due diligence of the property, then there is the opportunity to make the necessary amendments.      

Discreet Sale

Occasionally, a seller requests their property be sold discreetly and privately. We understand the sensitivities of a quiet sale, and have successfully transferred property to a new owner with minimal public exposure. Buyers are sourced through our database, without the need for signage, press advertising, or website listings.

Making sure your property is well presented can go a long way during the marketing process.

Here are our tips for preparing your rural property for sale:

  1. A general tidy up and removal of rubbish is a priority.
  2. Fix up loose wire and fencing, and make sure key gates open with ease.
  3. Make sure good farming practises are continued, regardless. Ie. Spray topping.
  4. Essential chattels should be included in the sale – ie. Shearing heads and wool bins, silos, fertiliser shed dividers and connected water pumping equipment including solar pumps.
  5. Make sure livestock are in good condition.